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So what's the catch?

There's no catch... really!

Every website needs hosting. Hosting is what gets your website on the Web. In exchange for building your free website all we ask is that you allow us to provide your hosting service. We charge $20 per month to host your website.

Because websites need maintenance, we also include 15 minutes per month of free updates to your free website. If you require more than 15 minutes of service we'll bill you at our hourly rate of $60.00.

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Are there any other costs?

The only other cost is for your domain name or URL ( A domain name costs about $20 per year. That's it. No hidden charges. Nadda. Zilch. We're done here.

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So do I get a real website?

Yup! You're looking at one of our free website designs right now!

Our free websites are fully functional and are mobile-friendly. We're able to offer free websites becasue we keep it simple. Nothing fancy. Just a great website at a great price!

Using one of our free website designs, we will create a website for your business and upload it to the Web. We'll also submit your new website to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing so that people searching for your business can find it.


We offer a wide varity of free website styles.

Click Style Name to View Website

Name Description Price
Free Website Style 1 Eveything you need in one vertical page: Home, What We Do, Who I Am, My Work, Contact Form. FREE
Free Website Style 2 Eveything you need in one horizontal page: Home, About Us, What We Do, How We Do It, Contact Form. FREE
Free Website Style 3 A restaurant-theamed website with Homepage, Scrolling Menu, Contact Form FREE

More free website designs will be added soon!